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Refine Your Memoir online course, spring 2021


In spring this year I will be offering an eight week ‘Refine Your Memoir’ online course. Classes will be two hours long, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm, and conducted via Zoom meetings. The courses content will include the following elements;

  • Situation Vs Story – how to clarify the ‘story’ you want to tell (the insight, the wisdom) from the ‘situation(s)’ you are describing in your memoir
  • Voice – how to find and refine the best writing ‘persona’ for your memoir
  • How to handle the different but complementary roles of memory and imagination in memoir writing
  • Characters – how to create vivid ‘characters’ from real people – including yourself
  • Research – how to decide which questions to ask and where to find the answers
  • Structure – how to decide on the best structure for your memoir
  • Pitching shorter pieces for publication from memoir excerpts
  • Publication – how to write an effective publishing proposal for your memoir

You will also receive some individual feedback from me on excerpts from your memoir in progress.

No previous writing experience necessary – but you need to have a willingness to work on your draft memoir throughout the course duration, and do some short writing exercises in classes.

The cost of the course will be $800 ($700 concession).

For more information, and to express interest in the course, send me an email via the Contact page of this website.