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Creative Non Fiction online course begins Aug 18

2021-08-18 6:30 PM - 2021-09-22

My next six part Creative Non Fiction online short course will begin on Wednesday 18th August.

This six week course involves two contact hours (online) per week, and some ‘homework’ writing tasks.

Email me via the Contact page of this website to express interest in enrolling.

Creative Non Fiction Writing with Dr Sian Prior 

We are living in the age of ‘reality hunger’. The reading public has an insatiable appetite for well-crafted true stories. This six week online course will introduce you to some of the essential skills required to write publishable works of creative non fiction. From essays to memoirs and autobiographies, from personal columns to self-help books, the ingredients remain the same: well-planned and focussed research, a clear and convincing voice, and an ability to ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’ your readers what you want them to know. You will also learn how to structure and write a persuasive publishing proposal.


How to distinguish the ‘story’ you want to tell from the ‘situation’ you want to describe in your creative non fiction writing.

How to create vivid ‘characters’ in non fiction writing.

How to develop the right ‘voice’ for your story.

How to choose the most appropriate point-of-view to tell your story.

How to ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’ your reader what you want them to know.

How to employ research techniques, including interviewing.

How to do immersion writing.

Pitching your work to editors/publishers.

Gaining an insight into today’s publishing industry.

You will also get a chance to receive individual private feedback on your work from the teacher.

Ideal for: Public, private and community sector professionals and creative writers committed to higher communication standards in non fiction writing. This course is specifically designed to meet the needs of two groups: those who have little practical experience but are drawn to the idea of writing non fiction, and those who already have some non fiction writing in progress and want to underpin their current writing with more skills.

Dates:  18th August to 22nd September

Cost: $420 ($360 concession)