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Media Training for Authors


I have developed a one-off hour-long media training session specifically for writers, to help you to handle the media side of book publishing. Specifically, the session covers how to deal with being interviewed – for print, TV, radio and online. As an arts journalist and broadcaster, and the author of a ridiculously self-revealing memoir (‘Shy’), i have not only spent many years interviewing authors, but i’ve been on the receiving end of some fairly challenging interviews about my book too. So much of a book’s ‘success’ these days depends on how you ‘sell’ your own book to the media, i think it’s really important that we all find ways to make this process easier on ourselves. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to get together for one of these sessions (either in person or on Skype). Rate is $100 per session, and a bit more for preparation time if you’d like me to read your manuscript beforehand. 

Comment from a recent media training student, author Jenny Valentish (‘Cherry Bomb’, Allen and Unwin): “Never has playing ‘worst-case scenario’ been so reassuring. Sian is an expert guide through media minefields, generous with her own experience and analytical of yours.”

Emily Stoikovich: Thanks again for the media training – it was really helpful and I look forward to using it in lots (fingers crossed!) of interviews.”