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Under the shelter of grief [April 6]

I’ve been thinking a lot about grief. About all the fierce private griefs sheltering underneath the grand communal grief of COVID-19.

My neighbours whose darling dog is dying. My friend who has spent 3 years building up her brilliant music course and now it has all fallen apart – and one of her students is dying of the virus. My parents, separated first by dementia and now by a nursing home lockdown – which dementia renders inexplicable for my mother. My friend whose 3 adult children are all dealing with serious illness, and she can’t go to any of them. My many friends in the arts whose projects and livelihoods have evaporated in the space of a few days. Other friends and relations who may read this post and who are dealing with their own unmentionable sadnesses. And we are all so powerless to fix it.

All I can do is keep you all in my mind. Know that I see you and I love you.


Jazzy, my self-isolation companion