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Writing courses and other workshops 2017 [December 27]

Early in 2017 I will be teaching a range of different writing and self-development courses at RMIT and The School of Life. Here are the details and links if you’re interested in exploring any of these sessions – no previous experience required – all welcome.


Creative Non Fiction

A six week course exploring the styles, forms and techniques of creative non fiction writing (essays, memoirs, columns, etc.)

Feature Writing

A six week course exploring the different styles of articles that freelancers can pitch and publish (columns, profiles, reviews, opinion pieces, travel articles, etc)

Non Fiction 

A one-off day-long workshop intensive exploring how to focus on the ‘story’ you want to tell from the ‘situation’ you’re describing – useful for ALL kinds of non fiction writing.


Writing as Therapy     (Four week course)   (One day workshop) 

A course that explores the emotional benefits of using writing as a way of understanding and asserting more control over the ‘story’ of your life.

Wrangling Your Shyness

A day-long workshop that explains exactly what shyness/social anxiety is (including the benefits of being born shy) and how we can manage the sometimes distressing symptoms of this common temperament trait.