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How to watch ‘The Killing’ AND earn a Ph.D [April 2]

If you haven’t caught up with the Danish crime series ‘The Killing‘ yet, you’ve probably had less sleepless nights than the rest of us.

The series was broadcast on SBS television in Australia in 2010, but I’ve only recently watched it (all twenty gripping episodes) on DVD.

‘The Killing’ (or ‘Forbrydelsen’ as it’s originally titled in Danish) is being broadcast on TV in the UK right now, hence the recent spate of newspaper articles focussing on Sara Lund (the lead female character) and her woolen jumper collection.

In honour of this growing popular cultural obsession, we’ve been workshopping a few thesis titles, in case any Lund fans would like to turn their obsession into a post-graduate qualification.

Feel free to pinch one of these, and we’d also welcome your own contributions to the list (send them in via the Contact page on this website):

1) ‘Knit One Purl One: potency and subversion in Lund’s performative persona’

2) ‘Tightly Wound: the repression of Scandinavian sexuality in a post-Feminist state with particular reference to the the post-patriarchal performative discourse of Sara Lund’s jumper in Forbrydelsen’

3) ‘Passionless Post-Fashion Praxis: the captioned capture of post-feminist cache’

4) ‘Hand Wash With Care: re-imagining the Scandinavian screen-based sweater-crime sub-genre’

5) ‘Lund, Lanolin and Liminality: the agrarian fashion aesthetics of Danish TV crime’

6) ‘The Missing Body: emptiness and absence in the embodiment of empathy as expressed by Sara Lund’