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Writing opportunity courtesy of Readings [March 30]

I’ve just been informed that I’ve been awarded a Readings Fellowship from the Victorian Writers Centre, which will provide me with a rent-free studio at Glenfern Writers Studio until the end of 2010. Great opportunity to have a quiet space to write in for a good amount of time. Luxury!

And on that very topic: do you know anyone who’s shy?

I am currently researching the topic of shyness for a series of articles and/or a book on the subject. This follows the publication in Meanjin literary magazine last year of an essay i wrote about grappling with shyness myself.

You can read the essay here if you are interested.

My aim is to further explore and illuminate this particular personality trait, both for shy folk AND for non-shy folk.

I am trying to gather as many ANONYMOUS anecdotes as possible from people who would describe themselves (now or in the past) as being shy, with a view to incorporating some of them into my writing.

I have designed a ten question survey which can be filled out ANONYMOUSLY online by simply clicking onto this link.

Please alert anyone you know who might be interested and willing to answer these questions in some detail. And of course, if you think you fit the bill, please complete the survey yourself!

And finally: my column about food intolerances will be published in the A2 section of The Age on Saturday 10th April.