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From Sicily to Stonnington [March 17]

I’m heading to Italy in April for a couple of weeks to visit northern Sicily and the Amalfi Coast, so this blog may go quiet for a little while. Ma ritornero!

In the meantime, you might like to consider coming along to the next City of Stonnington forum that i’ll be hosting on Thursday April 30th, 7 pm at the Malvern Town Hall. The topic is ‘Sustainability’ – and I can’t think of anything more important in these environmentally frightening times.

And if you’re looking for an intensely moving night out at the theatre in Melbourne, check out ‘The Year of Magical Thinking‘, a one-woman play by American writer Joan Didion performed by Robin Nevin for the Melbourne Theatre Company (until April 11th).

Better still – read the autobiographical book of the same name which inspired the play – it won a Pulitzer Prize. (Published by Random House)