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Nothing but a Dream [April 17]

Is it true? Was i really at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Harvey Theatre watching Paul Simon (tiny, aged, grandfatherly) strumming his guitar and singing songs from his musical ‘The Capeman’, accompanied by the Spanish Harlem Orchestra? Must be, i’ve got the obligatory photo of Me Walking Across The Brooklyn Bridge to prove it (see Photographs, in Portfolio section of website).


New York has floated off into the dimming past, and it’s back into the cultural fray in Mel-Born.

Whence i arrived just in time to catch a Comedy Festival show on the very last day of the festival. Frank Woodley (formerly of Lano and Woodley) had concocted a winning piece of physical theatre (with some ventriloquism and guitar-strumming thrown in for good measure) called ‘Possessed’ which was on at the daintily-dusty Comedy Theatre. Would you believe it was about a social introvert and model ship-maker who becomes possessed by an Irish slip of a girl from the 19th century who is seeking a mysterious object, wit’out which her accursed soul will never rest in peace, to be sure, to be sure. The ship-spotter falls in love with her, which leads to some interesting experiments in theatrical onanism, and a lot of falling down the stairs. Very funny, a little bit moving, and if not ground-breaking, a t’oroughly enjoyable afft’rnoon’s entertainment (to be sure, etc.)

Opera Australia is in town, and i saw ‘Carmen’ this week. The most important ingtedient was there – a charismatic, sexy mezzo-soprano in the role of Carmen – Pamela Helen Stephen – truly a slip of a girl, but with a voice that could stop a train. You could believe that sane men would throw away perfectly good careers in the military just for a chance to polish her dusty boots. The tenor (Rosario La Spina) was less believable, in part because his bulk makes it hard for him to move with any fluidity on stage. And the voice seemed tired at the beginning of the performance, but warmed up in the third and fourth acts. I loved the set – ACCA-style rust-red walls behind which i actually believed there might be a Spanish bullring. The orchestra sounded strong and sweet, and though (or perhaps because?) the stage direction was intensely busy, it was always interesting.
‘Un Ballo in Maschero’ next week, followed by ‘Arabella’ – watch this space.